The Ins and Outs of Nutrition Counseling

What does a nutrition counseling session at iNLeT Fitness South entail? Nutrition counselors, Jamie Dockiewicz and Amy Ricciardella, tailor your nutrition counseling session to your specific needs as an individual. Each session includes:

  • a 10 minute breath analysis Metacheck Metabolism Test to determine your resting metabolic rate
  • a comprehensive Metacheck Report indicating
         – the number of calories your body burns at rest
         – your Weight Maintenance Zone – the number of calories your body needs to maintain your weight
         – your Weight Loss Zone – the number of calories your body needs to lose weight
         – your graded Metabolic Rate – rates your metabolism as slow, normal or fast for someone your gender, age, height and weight
  • Dietary Analysis from three days of food logging
        – provides feedback about your current diet including your ratio of carbs:protein:fat 
        – Evaluates the nutritional quality of your current diet pertaining to total sodium, sugars, cholesterol and fiber
        – Identifies your current strengths and areas in need of improvement to achieve your fitness and wellness goals
        – Personalized goal setting plan with summary of suggestions
  • Take home resources
        – Meal planning guides
       – Education Materials
  • Follow up appointments and support
        – Continued online dietary tracking
        – Email support
        – Face to face consultations for continued support and guidance


For more information or questions regarding nutritional counseling contact call iNLeT Fitness South at (757) 689-2446,  Jamie Dockiewicz at or Amy Ricciardella at


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